Boutique Party!!


Classy Closet, Kissed Couture & Hairaholic all teamed up and hosted our first boutique party together. It was a wonderful success & we all had a great time! Everyone laughed, joked around, got a chance to meet some ambitious entrepreneurs, networked and enjoyed refreshments. If only we had a camera crew at the party; the pictures cannot begin to explain the positive energy that was present! I can’t wait to do this again along with my favorite accessory designer and hair distributor!! 😉
Warning: We had a great time so there’s plenty of pictures to see.


♥ Britt trying on the Houndstooth blazer before she makes her purchase.


♥ Checking out the Classy Closet site and still trying to make a decision.


♥ My dolls came through to support! Thanks so much!


♥ Getting ready bag up Danisha’s merchandise.


♥ I was so happy to see my girl!!
♥ Thanks for supporting Classy Closet!


♥ Working!



♥ Britt signing her receipt! She was amazed by my Square card reader!
♥ Britt brought me a sweet card! 😉


♥ Essence and her bundles!
♥ Hairoholic!!!


♥ Classy Closet accessory collection & business cards.


♥ The girls enjoying refreshments!
♥ Danisha purchased from Kissed Couture & Classy Closet! Such a huge supporter 😉




♥ My doll Brandi always come out to support!
♥ Her bag gave me so much life! #SoFAB


♥ This is all that’s left in stock a majority of the items on the rack sold out! #Blessing 😉
♥ Kissed Couture Accessory Designer, Jackie!








♥ The Square saved my life just plug it into my cell and go! Classy Closet takes all form of payments!


♥ I could get use to this boutique party life! 😉 😉


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