Catch A Sale By The Toe

♥ I think I was saying cuuttteee!!


♥ Doing this for a living! dream come true 😉
♥ Spike Jeans made by @Lovebrandij…contact her to customize all your denim apparel.
I received an email from Langford Market about an awesome sale that I couldn’t pass up. It was the spend $100 and receive $100 worth of free merchandise sale and to top off my excitement, it also said starting NOW!! I read the email out loud to my mom, confirming that it’s a good deal. Once she agreed that it was, I put on one of the simplest outfits I could pull off in a matter of 8 minutes. I also wore my new leopard flats (great for catching sales like this) and one of my new handbags I purchased this week from Charming Charlie. I had a lot of fun & grabbed some cute pieces. If you’re sorry you missed this sale, simply sign up for email alerts.


♥ Great for catching a spur of the moment sale!! purchased yesterday from forever21.


♥ Almost done!
♥ Done!! Took advantage of a great sale! 😉
♥ Style Snapshot: Blazer-Charlotte Russe. Camisole, Ring, Earrings, Leopard Flats- F-21. Jeans- Wet Seal (studs by @lovebrandij) Handbag-Charming Charlie. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards.



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  1. You looked great Paris!! That was def a sale you didnt want to miss..To bad I missed it :/. Looks like fun!! And u looked fab in your jeans!! Thank YOU!! XOXO

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