How to Rehab Your Handbag

I came across a great article in Allure “special issue” Magazine about “How to take care of your handbags.” The interview is with Cameron Silver who co-owns Decades, a vintage shop in Los Angeles.
Choose wisely. Suede, satin, or silk bags are almost impossible to rescue once they’re stained. And it’s just as difficult to get an ink stain out of the lining of a bag, whether it’s fabric, leather, or suede. My advice to clients is to carry a pen in a separate pouch inside your bag, or better yet, to use your iPhone to make a note or list.
Be protective. When the outside of a leather bag looks grubby, run over it lightly with leather wipes by Method. Once a year, recondition your bag to keep the leather supple. You can do it yourself by massaging in a conditioning oil called Lexol, or if your bag is by Hermes, take it there, and they’ll clean it for you.
Store it right. When you aren’t using a bag, stuff it with acid-free tissue to preserve its shape, and keep it on a fabric punch. Anything made from a natural, breathable fabric will do, even a pillowcase.

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