Magazine Find: How To Shop For Clothes Abroad


Here’s a great article I found in Allure Special Issue Magazine; tips on shopping abroad. Hope you enjoy as much as I have.
Be Selective. Generally, huge outdoor markets are the dumps of the shopping world. If you’re in a place like Thailand, India, or Morocco, resist the temptation to buy native clothes that you’ll never wear again or go to a store that caters to Westerners.
Start Small. In major cities like Paris, London, and Tokyo, it’s the tiny boutiques that carry the unique stuff. Wander the hip neighborhoods and check out the small storefronts, especially vintage shops and places that carry only one local designer.
Master Europe. Keep an eye out for line boutiques that don’t exist in the United States, such as Cos and Aspesi. And consider buying high-end designer clothes in their country of origin they’re typically 10 to 15 percent cheaper.
Embrace trends. The U.S. market tends to be more conservative than the European one, so if you find a great wild skirt or big chunky necklace, you find a great wild skirt or big chunky necklace, you should go for it. There’s a good chance you’ll be ahead of the curve when you get home.

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