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  While relaxing and reading Allure’s Fall 2012 issue, I came across the “How To” section. This issue has a lot of great how-to ideas, from nails to traveling in style and everything in between. I’ll be sure to share with you what I find interesting.
As some of you may know, about 3 years ago, I decided to stop wearing false nails. Reason being is I wanted to take care of my natural nails and since I wore false nails for so long, my nail bed was severely damaged. It took a while for my nail bed to grow out harder and stronger but it did and I’m enjoying not having to spend hours and money in the nail salon.
Here’s an article I found interesting.
Exfoliate your nails with a gentle buffer The smoother your nails, the easier your polish will go on. But before you buff, cover nails with a few drops of cuticle oil. When buffing, use the lightest possible pressure, and spend just a few seconds per nail.
Rub cuticle remover over your nails and let it sink for a minute. Then push back the cuticle, extremely gently, with a wood stick.
Clean your nails with polish remover you need a completely greaseless surface for the polish to adhere. Use a nonacetone formula that does not contain vitamin E, aloe, or lanolin all three deposit oil. Apply the remover with paper towels rather than cotton balls, which can leave fuzz behind.
Your nail file should feel like finest sand Metal and glass file generally have just the right finish, or use a “superfine” or “medium” emery board. File in one direction to prevent breakage.
Choose a ridge filler as you basecoat even if you don’t think you’ll need it. Tiny ridges can wreak your manicure.
For an even finish apply two thin layers of polish, and let each dry for two minutes before moving on to the topcoat. That time allows the lacquer’s solvents to evaporate.
Apply topcoat every other day to keep your nails glossy and chip-free but wash your hands first to remove the oil that prevents topcoat from adhering.


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  1. Love these tips . I to have started to wear my natural nails , and day by day i have become to do my nails better and better 🙂 But i could always use more advice !!

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