My Feature On Dee’s World!!


Do well because you never know who you’re inspiring from a far. My beautiful mentee, Darriane Jones recently did a feature on her blog Dee’s World about me and my online boutique, Classy Closet. I received the notification while walking out of Bible study and couldn’t be more eager to read her post. She almost brought tears to my eyes because this was totally unexpected. I didn’t receive an email informing me that she’s planning to feature me; she surprised me by notifying me on Twitter.


♥ Opening a successful online boutique. A dream come true!


 Sometimes in life, you work so hard and try your best to accomplish goals and do good to the point where you don’t give yourself credit for what you’ve already accomplished. Thankfully, I have someone like Darriane who I admire to remind me to give myself credit for accomplishing so many great things. Check out her blog, my feature, and be sure to remember her name. You’ll hear a lot about her in the fashion industry. She’s well on her way!!!
♥ Graduating from Southern University @ New Orleans. Another dream come true!! 😉 #ProudMoment
Thank you so much Darriane for featuring me on your blog and also reminding me to continue working hard towards my dreams!! Love you! 😉

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