Beauty 101: Spa Pedicures


Spa Pedicures


♥ Mix a handful of sea salt and a squirt of body wash in a basin of warm water. Soak feet for ten minutes.


♥ Take one foot out of the water and pat dry. Cut toenails straight across, and with a medium-grit file, round the edges slightly to prevent ingrown.


♥ Coat cuticles with a thick cream and apply callus-softening gel to tough spots, then place your foot back in the water. “The gel will start breaking down thickened skin,” says manicurist Sheril Bailey.


♥ Push back your cuticles with a HindoStone. This mildly abrasive stone “smooths the surface of the nail-lifting away skin cells without scratching, “says manicurist Josephine Allen (


♥ Using a pumice stone or a foot file, buff callused skin. Massage a grainy scrub over your foot and lower leg, then rinse and pat dry.


♥ Apply cream to both feet. Dip a nail brush in the soapy water and scrub oily residue off your nails. Weave a tissue between your toes to separate them.


♥ Apply a base coat, two thin layers of polish (in three even strokes- right, middle, left –waiting two minutes between coats) and a fast-drying topcoat. Then let nails dry for 15-20 minutes (depending on the fast-drying coat) before you put on shoes.

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