New Blessings!! ;-)

Located inside this building is where Classy Closet’s merchandise is sold. The name of the boutique is Southern Niche and it is located inside of Pinkie Thrift Hall on Southern University’s campus. Southern Niche is a student-operated retail store dedicated to selling merchandise that has been produced by Louisiana entrepreneurs. Since Classy Closet items have been in the store; I’ve been asked to showcase the merchandise in fashion shows and I’m also the top seller. I am so excited to not only have my website online but to also have it sold in a store. It’s a wonderful feeling. Great things are on the horizon so stay tuned world!!!
Here I’m wearing one of my favorite snakeskin thrift store tops, a pair of distressed jeans, trimmed in metallic plum pumps and a Brahmin handbag. My casual look for the day that includes a list of to-dos!
♥ Snakeskin Top-Thrifited. Jeans-Wal-Mart. Bracelet- Classy Closet. Earrings-Aldo. Watch- Watch Out Boutique. Belt & Ring-F-21. Pumps– Charlotte Russe. Klen Color Nail Polish- Neon Green. Handbag-Macy’s (Brahmin)

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