Reading Is FUNdamental!!!

♥ This is where my head has been, lately!
Be sure to click below for the links to all the books. 
♥ While studying for my Master’s degree, I’ve also taken the time to focus on other areas I want to know more about!
♥ Excellent book for those who are interested in enhancing their financial intelligence.
♥ My fabulous Publicist @Loudpen sent me this book and it’s one of the BEST books I’ve ever read on styling! If you aspire to become a successful stylist; I recommend reading this book!
♥ AMAZING read!!! This book is intended to be read as a daily inspiration, with each of the 40 short chapters read on consecutive days. Each chapter contains a personal application section at the end with a “point to ponder,”  verse to remember, and a question to consider over the course of that day. This book has really helped me with knowing my purpose on earth. I truly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in knowing their purpose on earth! 😉
Be sure to purchase and expand your library.

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