Testing Cosmetics

On last week, I noticed I was running short on a few household items. Therefore, I made a visit to the nearest Family Dollar just pick up a few items, only. But, while shopping, I walked down the cosmetic aisle and noticed the prices on a lot of cool cosmetic brands.  I thought to myself, Wow!!!  These items are very inexpensive compared to the usual brands I wear. Okay, I know I am shopping at Family Dollar, but to see Nutra Nail speed dry polish for only a dollar; I was excited, so I put it in my shopping cart. Next, I saw the foundation and powder, some things that I hardly switch because I’m always afraid it may break me out. But, (after a quick prayer) I decided to give them a try. I purchased the clear lip gloss for my teacher because she always compliments me on my red lips and I tell her, clear lip gloss is the reason it looks so glam & shiny. (I never tried this gloss but my opinion is, any clear gloss on top a red lip would do the trick). After getting excited about the products and saying a quick prayer over the foundation. I decided to make a purchase and said to myself, “If it works out, maybe I can switch AND save money!”
Wore the products for a week and this is what I concluded:
LA Colors Pressed Powder: I loved this powder!!! It blends perfectly with my skin tone and works out well with my oily skin. I’ll wear the pressed powder on the days I choose to dress really simple and want a little coverage.
LA Colors Glossy Lips: My teacher hasn’t given me an update on the gloss but follow me on twitter. I’ll tweet her opinion.
Nutra Nail: OMG! I never knew I was going to meet my next BFF in a nail bottle! This polish is absolutely awesome!! Honestly, there’s no need to use my nail dryer. I put on two coats and I’m ready to roll! *A must buy for all my manicure dolls who want a quick mani then go on with life*
LA Liquid Makeup: I found this liquid foundation to dry really quickly on my disposal -able sponge. Which made it very difficult to apply; it seemed as if I was scrubbing my face really hard to the point where I was tearing the sponge. The color matched my skin tone perfectly, but I wouldn’t recommend the foundation. I’ll stick to what I know!
♥ Overall, I’m glad I tried the products and now I have a few new brands I can add to my makeup collection. Oh! And the pressed powder and foundation didn’t break me out!! 😉 *Thank GOD*


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