Mature Chic Style

♥ Look closer, she’s chasing me!!!
♥ Look @ Cinderella posing…;-)
♥ My new favs! 😉
My first outfit post for the New Year!!! How’s the New Year treating you so far?! Are you sticking to your resolutions?! If not, you can still get back on track!
  These photos were taken on New Year’s Day after church. I didn’t do much leading into the New Year. I thought about putting on my New Year’s dress and hangout downtown NOLA but, I wanted to be energized and on time for church the next morning, so, I spent time enjoying egg nog and sock it to me cake with my family. At midnight, we all said our prayers and shortly afterwards, went to bed. It was a simple but perfect way for us to bring in the New Year.    
Here, I’m going for a mature chic style! I wanted to give the classic white and black look a pop, therefore, I added a red blazer, bow belt, leopard clutch, leopard stockings and my necklace was a new statement piece I recently add to my collection. And lastly, this little cute puppy I’m holding is the newest addition to the Hatcher’s family! Everyone, here is Cinderella. She was a gift from my father (he’s an animal lover) and we absolutely adore her!!!  She’s such a doll, you wouldn’t believe we only had her for about a week and we ALL are in love!!

Do I have any animal lover readers?! If so, tell me which kind and how long have you had your animal!

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♥ Blazer-Langford Market. Clutch-Kardashian by Bebe. Necklace- Charlotte Russe. Earrings-Charming Charlie. Watch- Watch Out Boutique. Button Down, Belt & Ring-Forever21. Skirt-Target. Stockings-Urban Outfitters. Pumps-BCBG, TJ Maxx. Nail Polish- Pure ICE, Celestial.


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