Reader’s Email: Hair & Thrift Store.

Hey doll I was just checking your blog out & I see you’re from New Orleans, so am I. I was wondering who does your hair & which thrift store you shop at.

Hi Danielle,

    My cousin Dana does my hair. She owns a shop called Hair Therapy Beauty Salon on 1138 Franklin Street Gretna, LA 70053 & her number is (504) 905-1246. She’s really sweet and professional, give her a call!
 The thrift store I usually shop and always find good things are Red, White & Blue on the westbank & eastbank.
I attached the links to the locations, just in case you weren’t familiar. Please don’t hesitate to email me again if you have any other questions.
Here are a few of my favorite hairstyles she has done for me over the years.
♥ My real hair. This picture was taken at the beginning of this year. Before going to her, I NEVER had long hair!
♥ Short sew-in with layers.
♥ Long sew-in with highlights.
♥ Long jet black sew-in.
♥ Curly sew-in.
♥ Peace&Blessings,

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