Reader’s Email: My Lipstick & Hair Colors!

Hey Paris!!

Your gonna be my new go to when I need fashion tips lol. I sooo love ur hair! What color is it and what kind if u don’t mind me asking? I also luv your red & pink lipstick . What are their brands? I’ve been looking for the perfect red and I want that one lol

Hey Reneise!!

Thank you!! I don’t mind being your new go to when you need fashion tips, that’s what I here for! ;-)The color hair I’m wearing now is a 1b mixed with a #30 & the brand is Milky Way. Thanks for loving my lipsticks! I live for a red or pink lip, honey!! The Red is by Sugar Lips called ” Lick My Strawberry and the Pink is by MAC called “Pink Poodle.” Thanks so much for your question and please don’t hesitate to e-mail me again with more fashion tip questions!!


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