Reader’s E-mail: "Do You Get All Your Clothes Altered?!"

Hi Paris!

I just found your blog last night and I’m already addicted 🙂  Your style is amazing!  I’m short, like you (I’m 4’11”).  I was wondering do you get all of your clothes altered, or just your jeans?  Everything looks to fit you so well, despite being petite. 


♥ These jeans were altered in the waist and ankle area.

Hi Jenni!!

I’m so excited that you found my blog and you’re addicted!!! 😉 Thanks for emailing me your fashion question. As far as my clothes, I don’t alter all of them, just my jeans and a few blazers. I get my jeans altered in the waist as well as the ankle area and I always bring a pair of heels along with me because I prefer my skinnies to stop exactly at the ankle; no slack and my entire heels are visible. Also, I get my blazers altered in wrist area because I like the tailored look and in my opinion, your blazer tends to look more polish. Thanks for your fashion question email and please do not hesitate to send more questions!


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