Reader’s Email: "How To Create A Sophisticated Wardrobe?"

What are your ideas on how to create a more sophisticated wardrobe? Cause right now I’m into the whole tights everyday look. What shapes, styles, and patterns to buy? I attached a picture of me and my u can see my

♥ All three pictures are incorporated with sophisticated pieces.
Hi, Purty!!
Thanks for your email and thank you so much for the picture, you both look really cute!! 😉
When trying to create a more sophisticated wardrobe, you should invest in blazers & pencil skirts. Both items are definitely a must-have staple item. You can turn your jeans and t-shirt into a dressy chic ensemble by just adding a blazer. Make sure to purchase different prints and colors to have options. We have one printed blazer in Classy Closet (and will be adding more soon) that would look great with jeans or a fitted skirt. Also, pencil skirts are also a must-have staple item when trying to create a more sophisticated wardrobe. I recently purchased a black pencil skirt that came with a red skinny belt and a leopard print pencil skirt that came with a skinny black belt from Target for only 14.99 each. The material is 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex, and it fits really great.
Please let me know if this works for you and please be sure to send me more pictures. I would love to see how you’re coming along with creating a sophisticated wardrobe but I know you’ll look fab!! 😉
Peace & Blessings,


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