Small Group Great FUN!!!

♥ Her cupcakes had nail polish and lipstick decorations. Things that remind us of her!


♥ When I look @ this pic all I see is hair, brows, blush, & lashes, lol! So us. 😉
This past weekend Ciara, Kalah, and I celebrated Essence’s E-day (I usually change the first letter in b-day to the letter of your first name because after all, it is your day!!) we had a fabulous time. The small group of friends and lots of fun! Oh and this was a surprise so she knew nothing, aren’t those the best b-day’s?! We started the night with dinner @ Miyakos. We made reservations to sit at the Hibachi table but once we arrived, we noticed we would need a private section because of the laughter that was about to take place. After dinner, we went to a few spots in New Orleans and ended the night hanging out downtown. Everything was perfect, Essence laughed so much and we all had a great time.


♥ Sipping to the good life!! 😉
♥ This is exactly why we needed our own table, lol!!


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