The Coolest/Smoothest Road Trip EVEERR!!!

    When a young entrepreneur contacts you to meet up, run towards the meeting…WITH heels on!! 😉 I was ecstatic when I received an email from Lani Lazzari about an amazing road trip she’s on. Over the course of 5 and a half weeks, she’ll be driving 8,300 miles, through 26 cities, from Pittsburgh to LA and back.  Why?! You ask!! Because, ever since Lani started Simple Sugars, people have told her that she has a great story.

She told me that she believes that every girl and woman should know that economic independence is her option if we’re willing to work hard and follow what we’re passionate about. She’s on the road to try and spread her story to as many young women as she can, and hopefully, inspire them to pursue their dreams. Lani’s goal is to appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show when she reaches LA, to spread this message even further. She’s been tweeting, posting pictures on facebook, and making countless videos so you can follow the entire trip as it happens. It was truly a blessing meeting with Lani. She’s been such an inspiration to me. I also received simple sugars facial, body and foot scrub which I am in love with! I’m running out so I’ll have to place my order for more soon. Make sure you place your order as well; it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!!!

♥’ Lani & I!
♥ Oh, you can also taste the flavors. 😉
♥ You can never over pack for a road trip. My gift to her, a top and two rings from my online boutique, Classy Closet.
♥ Inside the bag is my SimpleSugars Facial, Body, & Foot Scrubs.
♥ Purchase yours on today!!!

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