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Hey! I’m Kwena all the way from South Africa, I am such a fan of your blog!!!

I have been searching for a blogger that possesses some level of inspiration for beauty in women and I must say, your blog offers that and more. Your sense of style has inspired me to try new things that I, in most cases, would be in fear of. One of which is a weave. Well, I have been seeing my friends and other women wearing weaves but have never had the guts, but a couple of months ago I decided to give it a try. I really luuurve the way I look in a weave but am struggling with the maintenance. I hope you can offer some tips as to how you maintain yours?

You know the hair you leave to cover the track, how do you manage to keep it blending with the weave? I have small hair which tends to go back home (turns curly ) after a few days of having my weave on. And how often should I be washing my weave? When going to bed, do you put anything on your head or it depends on the quality of the weave you have on?


      Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m now enrolled in Grad school, so I’m trying to balance everything, but THANK YOU so much for enjoying my blog! I’m happy I was able to inspire you. Your sweet compliments mean a lot to me and give me the energy I need to continue blogging!! 😉
       It’s funny that you email me this because I JUST changed my hairstyle to a new color and length. My first piece of advice to you about hair maintenance is just that, maintenance. It’s all about maintenance. Some people say the more expensive the brand is, the longer the hair will last. I do find this statement to be true in a sense but I’ve learned as long as you take care of your hair such as pin curling or wrapping it EVERY NIGHT, wearing a headscarf EVERY NIGHT and washing it every two weeks, you should be just fine.
      As far as the curly pieces I would suggest a relaxer (perm) therefore, it tends to stay straight and gives you the coverage you need over the track or flat ironing your hair. How I keep my natural hair blending with my weave is purchasing a rinse or dye to match. I wore my hair jet black for years and would purchase a bottle of rinse to ensure my color stays up to par just in case I was unable to make it to the hair salon. Now, I have my natural hair color as coverage which is a 1B (brown) and I don’t have to continue rinsing my hair because my weave is the same color along with a honey brown #30 in the weaving world. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions. I enjoy hearing from my readers and would love to hear from you again! Thanks again and have a fabulous day!
Peace & Blessings,


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