4 Steps To Buying A Bag That Last.

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  Check out this handbag article by Tina Craig & Kelly Cook’s I found in People Style Watch September 2011 issue.
   ♥ Read up first “A great bag can last for years, but it can be an investment. To make sure you’re getting  what you need, read reviews online and comparison- shop for the best price.”
Hit the store “If you can find the bag in-store near you, it’s always best to get a hands-on experience. Buy from a reputable place. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”
Look for quality “Good leather has an even tone and texture. Examine the seams-the edges should be clean, and the stitching tight and symmetrical. Grainy or textured leather will have the most longevity. Soft leather looks and feels amazing, but remember it easily shows blemishes.”
Do the math “Think about how often you’ll wear your bag and figure out a cost-per-wear-amount. If it’s an amount you can live with, you’re ready to buy!”

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