T-Shirt + Jeans= SIMPLE!


I wish everything was this simple!! On this day, I wore my hair pulled back; no foundation, only eye liner, liquid eye liner for my lids, lashes and gloss. My ensemble was simply; a basic white t-shirt, jeans, heels, bag and accessories. I didn’t want to spend too much time in my closet debating on what I should wear. I just wanted a simple day and it was going to begin with my outfit. Initially, I knew I wanted to wear heels. Which ones?! Wasn’t certain, but I seen these and thought “yea, these are simple enough.” Next, I wanted to make my heels visible, so I paired them with one of my favorite skinny jeans and added cuffs to the bottom. Now, since I’m aiming for a “simple day,” I decided a fresh white v-neck t-shirt would be ideal, so, that’s what I added. I styled my hair in a sassy bun while displaying the bow at the bottom of this sheer, pink, green and black scarf. After putting together my simple attire, I wanted my accessories to make the a statement; therefore, I added a three tier spike statement necklace, multi-row silver chain bracelet, bold black cocktail ring and my favorite Michael Kors watch. Lastly, I completed my look with a Jessica Simpson Runway bow frame satchel. What do you think? Did I achieve the simple look I was aiming for?!


♥Scarf- Stein Mart. T-shirt & Cocktail Ring- H&M. Jeans- Wetseal. Shoes- Bakers. Jessica Simpson Bag- TJ Maxx. Necklace- Charming Charlie. Braclet-ALDO. Michael Kors Watch- Dillards. Nail Polish by Klean Color-Funky Yellow.

5 thoughts on “T-Shirt + Jeans= SIMPLE!”

  1. I love it! The look is so simple yet chic! I liked that you added the scarf to your look and the jeans with the cuffs made it casual, but not too casual. I love the shoes and I love the 'Funky Yellow' nail polish! 🙂

  2. I tried the scarf and messy bun today and I loved it!! It's my new go to “do” when I have days like today!! I love the outfit too Paris!!

  3. Hi Paris! I'm from New Orleans and I too attend Southern University! I love the way your clothes are tailored to you! I am a SUPER FINE chic with a lot of junk in my trunk! What advice would you give me to tell my seamstress when altering my clothes???? Betta yet where do you get your clothes altered, they do an excellent job!!!!!!!!!

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