Speaking At A Girls Camp & Fashion Show!

♥ After speaking with the girls. I know I blend in a lot with them, I am the fourth person from the left.
During the summer, I was asked by one of my good friends Annette Jones, would I like to speak at her ATLs INSTILLettos Girls Summer Camp. Of course, I was ecstatic because mentoring young girls and helping them to build self-confidence are two main things I am very passionate about. While visiting the summer camp, I spoke to the girls about etiquette, self-esteem, self-confidence, how to dress for an interview and fashion styling. 
Those were the main topics; I also spoke to them about Where Sexy Meets Classy, what exactly is a blog and how to start a blog. I remain in contact with the girls and some of them often text me about fashion tips and modeling. Their style is very unique and just to see their growth makes my heart smile.  ATLs INSTILLettos Girls program is under the umbrella of ATLs Youth Foundation, Inc which is Annette’s non-profit organization. 
Along with the things I spoke to the girls about during the summer camp, they also learned about PR/Marketing, event planning, cake decorating, entrepreneurship training, effective communication, zumba, workshops with speakers against teen dating violence, and much, much more. During the girls last week of camp, I was invited back to style them for their fashion show; where I provided all the clothing and accessories. Our theme for the fashion show was “Colors and Floral.” We has so much fun and the highlight of my day was each and every single girl telling me how beautiful they felt, inside and out!! I can’t wait until next year to speak again at ATLs INSTILLettos Girls Summer Camp. I know each year it’ll be even better.
♥ After our “Colors and Floral” fashion show.

ATL’s Professional Services include start up services for Non-profits ( Articles of Incorporation assuring IRS compliance, 501c3 completion, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Conflict of Interest Policies, etc), Graphic Designs for company logos, Business plans, MHR consulting and much more!!! Feel free to contact Annette Jones for further details!!!


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