Sweet Words From A Loyal Reader.

♥ I received this email from a Where Sexy Meets Classy reader and it really touched my heart. Just knowing that someone I never met before looks up to me and I encourage them makes me happy.
  Hi Paris! I want to start off by saying congratulations on being featured on Fashion Bomb Daily and your online boutique! I’m emailing you because you’re such an inspiration in my life. And I don’t get that often. You’re my little boost of encouragement. I look up to you! Your positive, love for GOD, going to school to pursue your masters, entrepreneur, fabulous! Need I say more? You’re an African American woman that is confident and a go-getter who needs not to depend on anyone. It’s like you’re the friend I wish I had in my life! I wish one day we can have brunch in N.O. sometimes life is so hard and you have setbacks and you wonder what’s your calling in life? No one wants to be a nobody, I have big dreams and want to do great things but it’s hard without a support system but I keep asking God what’s taking so long for me to shine. I’m in school taking up public relation and want to open my own firm and also my own doggy boutique I love animals! Sorry, I’m venting but you seem so real I just had to because I admire you! Thanks for being you! Oh P.S. I smiled when I saw you posted my question about the tan blazer on your blog! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule!
For any inquiries, style consultations, or just would like to say hi, please email me at stylistparishatcher@gmail.com


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