Fashion Q & A: How to wear suspenders?

♥ I’m having so much fun with reading & replying to everyone’s style consultant emails! Please keep them coming. Also, if any gentlemen read Where Sexy Meets Classy PLEASE feel free to email me a style question to I would love to hear from y’all, too!
Hey Paris,
A friend of mine introduced me to your blog and I love your blog. I love your JS shoes. I have developed an interest in suspenders but I don’t own a pair. I wanted to know how I can wear them because I’m a bit busty (34DD to be exactly). Sidenote what is your workout routine because you are in great shape. I envy ur stomach. Thanks for your time.
  Thank you so much for your email and for enjoying my blog! It means a lot to me. Also, please tell your friend I said thank you for introducing you to my blog.
  I like the idea of you developing an interest in suspenders, it’s one of my favorite menswear-inspired accessories. Suspenders look great on any size breast. It doesn’t matter that you are a bit busty, as long as you wear them with confidence. I would style them with a button down, fitted jeans, pumps, handbag, & accessories. Also, depending on your comfort level with wearing shorts, I think it’ll be fab if you paired them with suspenders; high-waisted if possible.
♥ Alicia Keys wearing suspenders, a t-shirt, and high-waisted jeans.
   Here are a few options: Casual lunch w/ your girls. t-shirt, suspenders, fitted jeans or shorts, pumps, slingback heels, or flats (your choice), handbag, & accessories. (You can also go from a casual day to night by swapping your t-shirt with a dresser top and bottom with a mini skirt. Work attire: Blazer, button down, suspenders, pencil skirt or slacks, pumps, handbag, simple accessories.
♥ Beyonce’ wearing suspenders, button-down, and fitted jeans.
Lastly, thank you so much for your interest in my workout routine. When I have time to go to the gym, I usually attend the aerobic classes and afterwards, I try to push myself to do at least 500 or more crunches. If I’m too tired to reach that goal, I strive for 300.

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