My Fav Summer Fragrance.

Victoria’s Secret drenched in PINK charming & fun has been my fav fragrance this summer. It’s really light and stays on for a while. One of my dolls, Ciara brought it along with her on our ATL vacay and I couldn’t keep my hands off it. I would spray every second and use the lotion every time my hands felt dry (my excuse to use more). While on our trip we took a visit to the mall (of course) and I couldn’t find the fragrance and didn’t want to purchase the lotion without it. So I waited until I arrived back to New Orleans to check our malls & lucky me; VS was having their semi-annual sale. I purchased the set all for a total of $7.00. Yes! that’s correct!!! I was beyond excited because the lotion is regularly $12.00 and perfume $15.00. Which isn’t expensive, but who doesn’t like a bargain?! After purchasing, I sent a picture to Ciara who was excited I now have my own ;o)


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