Beauty Q&A: What’s my eyelash number and lipstick color?

Hey lady, how are you? Looks like all is well. Listen, I’ve been following you on your blog and I just wanna say love, love, LOVE it and congrats on the online boutique. I can’t wait until it launches as you inspire me with your fashion and I know you’ll have a lot of hot stuff on there. I also noticed that we have a lot of the same shoes and clothes as I work in Forever 21 and of course shop there also and shoe shopping is a horrible addiction of mine.
Anywho, I had a quick question, first of all, I love the red lipstick you wear and I was wondering what kind do you wear and also what kind of lashes do you wear. I haven’t forgotten about you either, I know I wrote you a long time ago about helping me style for my photoshoot and when the time comes again I definitely will think of you. Get back to me when you can.
 Hey doll!! I’m blessed, how are you? Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you following my blog and looking fwd to my online boutique. That means a lot to me! ;o) The name of the red lipstick I wear is called “Lick My Strawberry” by Sugar Lips. And I usually purchase my lashes from any beauty supply store. The # lashes I wear are #62. I started wearing them as my going out lashes and now they’re my fav & everyday lashes. #28’s are glam as well they’re more every day if you don’t want to be too dramatic with #62’s. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be sure to respond. I’m looking fwd to styling you on your photoshoot! ttyl! *Muah*
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