Care Tips For Whites!

Be prepared– White clothes are stain magnets carry a product like Tide to go so you can treat a stain as soon as it happens. Allow the product to sit for at least five minutes in order to let the chemicals work before throwing the item in the wash.
Inspect your clothes before washing– Look for stains you might not have noticed and treat them before putting in the wash.
Use the hottest water the label allows– It’s one of the key ways to keep whites white!
Always air dry– Using the dryer can set a stain. If you air-dry and the stain is still there, you still have a chance to work on it or take it to the cleaners.
Take care with oil-based stains– They’re the hardest to get out. If your stain is sizable, take the item to a professional as soon as you can to avoid the risk of having to replace it.
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