Learn Your Style & Know Your Body Type.

The most important rule when learning your style; is knowing your body type. Find out your body type with these quick, easy tips.

♥ First: Take Your Measurements!

On Top: Without wearing clothes, wrap a tape measure snugly, but not tightly, around breasts at the midline of your bust.

At Your Waist: Measure at your belly button or slightly below.

On the Bottom: Take the measurement at your widest point which may be right at the hips, or lower down your thighs.

♥ You’re Curvy If…

You have an hourglass figure: Your bust and hips are defined, and your waist is at least four inches smaller than your other two measurements.

Your bust and hip proportions are almost equal: If they vary, it’s only by one to three inches.

Your shape goal: Highlight your curves without going too sexy.

Your best clothes: Look for pieces that skim your body but don’t cling or expose too much skin.

♥ You’re Bottom Heavy If…

Your lower half is proportionally larger than your bust: Either your hips or thighs measure four or more inches bigger than your bust.

Your upper body is small: You tend to have narrower shoulders, a small bust, and a small waist.

Your best clothes: Look for pieces that draw the eye up. Opt for simple, unfussy silhouettes on the bottom.

♥ You’re An Apple If…

Your upper half is proportionally larger than your bottom: Either your bust or waist measures at least three inches more than your hips.

Your lower body is smaller: You tend to have straighter hips and thinner legs.

Your shape goal: Create a waist and balance your larger top half.

Your best clothes: Look for pieces that define your middle and add fullness to your lower body.

♥ You’re Straight Up & Down If…

Your bust, waist, and hips are similar in measurements: Each is only an inch or two apart.

You may have broad shoulders: This makes your figure read more boyish.

Your shape goal: Define your waist and create curves.

Your best clothes: Look for pieces that carve out a waist and give you a curvier-looking body.

♥ If You’re Plus Size…

You fall into one of the above categories: Many plus size-woman carry their weight at the waist, making them an apple shape, but you could be any of the four shapes. So follow the same guidelines-size is just a number, not a shape!


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