Small Things I Enjoyed This Summer…

…Big curly hair. My fav!!
…Sexy bold color dress.


…Swimsuit cover up while I browse the streets of Mexico.
 …Wearing a comfy romper with sand in my toes.
…Enjoying a massage on an island.
            …Easy, breezy, colorful dress.
…Walking into a surprise made of towels.


…Made me smile every time.
 …I can do this all day.
…Renting a car in the middle of nowhere just to enjoy the moments & drive somewhere.
…First, stop Paradise Beach.


…This is where I attempted to learn how to swim.
…Hoped in the pool fully dressed, and loved every minute of it.
…Lashes, hair, & bold earrings.
…Cruising while soaking up the sun and reading.
…My Summer 2011 color. Funky Yellow.


…Every summer I tell myself I won’t ever do this again but always do. Parasailing. 😉
♥ Hope you enjoyed seeing the little things that made me smile this Summer. What did you do? And what made you smile? Summer is still here so start enjoying it if you haven’t! 😉


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