Colorful Statements!

 ♥ A view from my dresser, organized by brand.
I’m such a girly girl who makes it a priority too often have a nicely painted mani and pedi. I’ve been wearing my natural nails for over a year now and I’m enjoying seeing the growth and how healthy my nails are. I do my own mani and pedi’s with a full salon set. I’m talking two nail dryers, nail treatments, and endless quirky colors. I’m often indecisive as to what color I would like to wear for the next few days. Lately, I’ve been wearing a color by a brand entitled “Pure Ice” called Wild Thing. It’s a lime green color that really makes a statement. Pure Ice is sold at Wal-Mart and it’s very inexpensive. Although OPI & Essie has great colors I prefer Pure Ice and Klean Color nail polishes because like those brands, the colors are bold and stay on for a while without chipping and they’re very affordable. You can purchase 5 Pure Ice and Klean Colors for the price of 1 OPI & Essie. How about a bargain?!!
♥ Here are my top10 Summer polishes:(LtoR) Neon Orange by Klean Color, Spotlight by NYX, Funky Yellow by Klean Color, Siren by Pure Ice, Beach Blue by Klean Color, The “IT” color by OPI, Barbie Pink by Klean Color. Wild Thing by Pure Ice, Revlon Quick dry top coat, and Neon Pink by Klean Color.


♥ A girl could never have too many nail polishes.


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  1. Scratch that… saw it in the post. Where do you buy klean? I want to wear nail polish more and I want to find some cheaper brands with great colors and staying power.

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