Statement Necklace Sold In Classy Closet!!

As some of you may know my cousins and I are launching an online boutique very soon by the name of Classy Closet. Here is just a sneak peek of a statement necklace we’ll have along with much more. Some of the items we’ll have are: Apparel, Handbags & Accessories!! Once the website is launched I’ll be sure to post it here! Stay tuned & Happy Shopping!! 😉

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  1. What type of lashes do you wear???? I love them on you! I recently BIG CHOPPED! Which means I cut all my hair off in my journey to going natural! I have always had long hair and although I still look like a female, I need some extra flares to bring more feminine quality to my situation.And I think the lashes will help. Even though I don't know how to put them on I'm willing to go to work on my eyelash skills. So let a chic know what type of lashes you use! Blessings! Thanx

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