Quick Outfit Moment!!

How many of you are like me and prefer to look for your clothes the night before attending an event but don’t for whatever reason and the next morning,  you’re standing in your closet as if the clothes will jump out and say “pick me.” Well, on this particular day I was having one of those “moments” and it seemed as if the clock was moving fast but I was still stuck in between my closet and armoire. So I tried to simplify things. I decided its way too hot in New Orleans for my hair to hang, so, a hat it’ll be. I wanted to wear something that was comfy and chic for the long busy day I had ahead and I decided a romper it is! Accessories, handbag (which this one is my fav) and shoes all fell into place. I was ecstatic after it all came together and made it to my destination 15 minutes ahead of time. See what happens when you slow down, think, & keep it moving? Nevertheless, I still prefer to look for my ensemble the night before but the rush of putting things together and it comes out stylish was fun.  So, how did I do?
♥ Comfy slingback heels.
♥ I love this pic. It captures my personality.
♥ Accessories!!!
♥ Running down the hill in heels. Fun!! 😉
♥ Romper & Pearls-F21. Hat-Aldo. Handbag- Dillards. Shoes-Charlotte Russe. Accessories-Earrings, La Dolce Vida. Ring, H&M. Charm bracelet. Victoria Secret.

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