Tips When Shopping.

♥ Go to unexpected spots “In addition to your usual stores, hit flea markets, designer resale boutiques and online auctions. You’ll find something special and get good value.
♥ Bring a camera “Take a picture of yourself in dressing-room mirrors. You’ll be surprised! It’s a more objective view you see what everyone else sees.
♥ Talk to salespeople “Use them as resources! They try on the clothes and experiment with putting outfits together, so they have lots of good advice, from tailoring tips to info on how the sizing runs.”
♥ Ask yourself questions “When you try on something, think: Am I in love with this piece? If I don’t buy it, will I regret it tomorrow? Does it flatter my shape? Does it work with my lifestyle?”
♥ Invest in accessories “You can never have too many! They’re such an easy to transform your look or try a new trend. And they’re small, so they’re easy to store.”
♥ Don’t be afraid to buy “Sometimes you need to pull the trigger! Just make sure you can return what you brought. Then, try to incorporate it into your wardrobe. If you don’t wear it within a week, bring it back you probably never will.”

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