Think Like A Stylist!

Get Inspired “Create a board of photos you love from magazines or make one online at It’s like osmosis the images sink in and inspire you.”

Try on everything you own “It’s important to know what you have to work with. Set aside a good chunk of time a few hours at least.”
Organize it all “Sort clothes by category- tops, skirts, pants, dresses- and dressiness level. You can look at each section and see where you have too much or not enough for your style or lifestyle.”
Lose the clutter “Take the rest couple of pieces from each category and get rid of the rest. This way, when you grab something quickly in the morning, you’ll already know it fits and looks great.”
Decide which pieces are standouts “These are items that everyone compliments you on. It can be something designer or an awesome piece from H&M. Whatever it is, keep it and wear it!”

Make a list of what to add “If you don’t have many jackets, think about which might fit with your style. Say you’re a classic maybe you need a tweedy blazer.”


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