The Do’s & Don’ts Of Summer Work Wear.

♥ Show off with color (not skin)
Do play with pops of brights when the temp rises. Try a colorful cardigan, like orange with a grass green skirt to break up your neutral wardrobe.
Don’t pile on head to toe brights for work or you risk looking like a toucan on a cruise. One piece is enough.

♥ Keep your feet looking professional too.

Do live in covered up sandals with chunky straps. They look great with dresses, skirts, and pants, and won’t be as hot as pumps or loafers.

Don’t wear flip-flops for work unless your job involves sitting at a lifeguard station.
♥ Lighten up your accessories.
Do switch your work handbags to a summery shade like peanut or vanilla. It keeps things businesslike but airy, even if the purse is leather.
Don’t rely on the same huge black leather bag. It’s off balance with lightweight summer clothes.

♥ Go for dresses you can breathe in (AAH!)

Do live in easier dress shapes for the dog days of summer. Floaty looks in light fabrics are the way to go.
Don’t pour yourself into too-tight, ultra-short numbers at work. Uncomfortable. Unprofessional.
♥ Stay cool, but be smart about it.

Do exercise your right to bare arms. Think Jackie O and Mrs.O: chic, timeless and perfect day to night.

Don’t wear strapless or show cleavage or a bareback at the office unless layered under a cardigan or jacket. The rules have changed, but not that much.

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