Check Out My Feature On The Brown Girl Files!!

  I am honored to announce my feature on The Brown Girl Files. I’ve been a reader of this blog way before I started mines. Actually, she inspired me to start wheresexymeetsclassy and she didn’t even know it. I would sit in my apartment and read all her older post and became inspired by EVERY topic. I admire the way she articulates herself, her ability to take risks and move across the country and her sassy style. Reading The Brown Girl Flies was like receiving a copy of Vogue every month I would get lost in the pictures and so caught up in the articles that I felt as if I was traveling along with Joan, but The Brown Girl Files was even better because instead of waiting every month to receive my Vogue issue; I was able to log on each time she updated and seen something new and inspiring. I would tell all my friends about her blog and would say “You have to visit, she makes you want to quit your job, take a risk and travel in style (I saw an older post where she quit her job, went out with her friends and took fabulous pics.)  Therefore, after being a HUGE fan for a while, I decided to email her just to let her know how she has inspired me thus far. Joan and I have been corresponding via email for the past few months now and she’s such a positive person who has encouraged me to reach many goals. Please take time to check out my feature as well as visit her blog, often. You’ll love it!!


2 thoughts on “Check Out My Feature On The Brown Girl Files!!”

  1. LOVE!

    Joan is an inspiration to many! I hope that her words, style, and most importantly her attitude towards life continue that inspiration.

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