How To Choose The Right Style Frames For Your Face

The right size frames for your face.
♥ Round
Try…Square or rectangular styles to balance your face. Styles with defined angles work best.

Avoid…Round pairs, which can make your face look even rounder. They can be very challenging.

♥ Heart

Try…Rounded styles that dip between your eyes and don’t sit wider than your cheekbones offset your face.

Avoid…Wide frames with straight lines, which can make your chin look sharper.

♥ Square

Try…Rounded frames to soften your jaw. Aviator and wrap styles are good choices.

Avoid…Boxy frames with sharp lines are too harsh on you.

♥ Long

Try…Oversize, round or oval pairs that have some depth bring your face into proportion.

Avoid…Small or narrow glasses with hard angles can make your face look longer.

♥ Oval

Try…All different styles! You can pull off lots of shapes and widths, so have fun with bolder pairs, from cat-eyes to chunky frames.


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