Bloggers Panel Event!!

♥ Front row FASHIONISTA’S!!! Chanel, Essence.
Creating a compelling voice: A conversation about national blogs and local fashion was definitely my most favorite event to attend. It’s always good to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. The bloggers’ panel flew all the way in from New York to speak with us on different topics such as; how they came up with their blog names, setting yourself apart from other bloggers,  finding your voice, and how to collab with different brands. I must say, during the panel event, all the bloggers gave great advice and I’ve learned a lot from each person.  Check out the pics and be sure to visit and follow their blogs.


♥ Awesome Art Gallery. Owned by a young lady in her twenties! My type of girl! 🙂
♥ Christine Mystylepill. Lindsey Saucyglossie. Keiko Keikolynn. Bobby Thisfellow.
♥ Awesome DJ!!


♥ Fabulous Bloggers
♥ Surrounded by Bloggers and Fashion; what more can a Fashionista ask for?!
♥ Kisses!! Chrissy, Andi.
♥ Yes, I was taking notes!!! 😉


♥ Isn’t Rach the cutest?!


Kelby, Me, Rachael



Juley awesome blogger with great style!
♥ I always catch Essence in her fabulous acts.


♥ Nola FW Itinerary, Fashion Journal, Smartphone and Business Card. I’m ready!


♥ White wine, please!



♥ Fun Times…;)

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