How About This Dress?!

Here I’m headed to Nola Fashion Week Bloggers Panel at Martine Chassion Gallery to meet a few amazing bloggers. I literally counted down the days until this event and didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to wear. The morning of the event I told myself after I leave the hair salon; I’ll go to a few boutiques on Magazine Street and find something but while under the hair dryer, I could hear mom in my head saying “Paris half of the clothes you have, you never wear.”  She’s always right. So while searching for something to wear I came across a dress I completely forgot about. I purchased this dress while I was in Miami and have never worn it. I guess I was waiting until the right time and (no, I think I just forgot about it) Nola Fashion Week was the ideal time. I paired it with a sexy shoe and accessories then went off to enjoy the night!!


♥ Dress-F-21 (Twelve by Twelve) Earrings-La Dolce Vida. Ring-Bakers. Clutch- Vintage. Shoes. Shoe Nami.


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