If You’re Going To Color Me, Make Sure It’s Pink ;)

♥ Just for this post, I’ll let the pics do the talking…;)
♥ Can you hear me now?!?!
♥ Dress- F21. Necklace- Stein Mart. Clutch- Fashion Boutique. Watch- Michael Kors, Dilliards. Shoes- Jessica Simpson, Dillards.

3 thoughts on “If You’re Going To Color Me, Make Sure It’s Pink ;)”

  1. I absolutely love you with your long hair! I like how you matched the long necklace with those hard to match shoes, even the pinwheels match in the background. Leave it to you to coordinate everything so well.

  2. Miss Thang!!!!!! I just fell out on my desk! These are MY shoes!!! LOL. I have been searching high & low for these & they are SOLD OUT everywhere. I am really crying at this point now!!! I aint gonna lie…you are rocking the hell out of them though! I love your dress.


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