2011 Vision Board…;)

Have you ever heard of the saying, write down your dreams and watch them come to life? Well, I’ve been doing that for about six years now and I can honestly say the majority of my dreams have come true already. This year along with writing my dreams down, I decided to create a vision board. I’ve heard many people speak about how it’s great to have because everything you envision is displayed on a board. I created it last month and it has been very influential in my life. It gives me the motivation to continue working hard towards my dreams. It’s displayed on the inside of my door so every time I’m walking out it reminds me to continue working hard because that’s the only way all those pictures will come to life. If you haven’t yet created a vision board, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s nothing more wonderful than working toward something and watching it come to life!!! 😉
♥ “Four steps to achievement: Plan Purposefully. Prepare Prayerfully. Proceed Positively. Pursue Persistently.”


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