Going Out Guidelines!!!

When stepping out at night whether for an intimate dinner or a posh cocktail party always dress to keep your poise.

♥ Consider comfort first and foremost. Yes, you want to look a little sweet, sexy and sophisticated but if you are pained in what you are wearing, it’ll show.

♥ Find an outfit that fits well. Don’t go too tight to where it’s uncomfortable, but don’t go so loose to where your figure gets lost.

♥ If you want to garner lots of attention, go ahead and wear something that really stands out but make sure it’s polished and not over the top.

♥ If you want to be a wallflower, pick something that’s simple and understated, but it still should be chic.

♥ When wearing a basic, like your favorite LBD, give it a personal touch. A brooch (my personal fav) a colorful scarf, a big necklace to make it uniquely you.

♥ Experimenting is encouraged but road test a new look to make sure it works for you before you get to the party.

♥ Respect the suggested dress code of the evening, but don’t feel obligated to abide by it. Wear long to cocktails or short to a formal event but style it in a way so you don’t feel over or underdressed.

♥ Don’t sweat it if you are in fact way off from the dress code. Be prepared for quick fixes. Too dressy for laid-back cocktails? Put your hair in a ponytail and toss a coat or a sweater over your shoulders. Or just say you have a more formal event to go to next!

♥ Avoid anything fussy. It will bring you down. A long train that people could step on, feathers that make you sneeze, or a corset cut so you can’t eat or breathe is certainly distracting for you and others.

♥ No matter what you wear, go with it an forget about it at the door. Being self-conscious and worrying about your look will detract from the fun you should be having!!


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