Closet Organization!!

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6 Ways To Organize

Start With The Right Hangers. Swap unwieldy options for slender fabric covered one that grips silkier fare and allows you to maximize even the smallest wardrobe.

Add One, Subtract One. For every new item you add to your closet, try to take one out. If you don’t, you will soon outgrow your space.

Seal In The Chic. Storing off-season clothes in vacuum packs gives you more space for current goodies.

Pouch It. Keep bags and shoes safe in their dust bags. You’ll know exactly what’s inside by the logo, and you’ll also be able to hang them if you run out of shelf space.

Double Up. Most closets don’t utilize the precious space at the top & bottom. Reposition two rods so you have double the storage, maximizing floor -to- ceiling footage.

Separate Church & State. Put your pants with pants, tops with tops, and so on. By grouping like pieces together, you’re less likely to lose something a filmy blouse won’t get swallowed by a gaggle of skirts. And when you look at your closet as a whole, you’ll be able to easily identify what’s what and where it is.


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