P-day!!! :)

It’s MY P-day I can cry if I want to!!! 🙂
On December 12th I celebrated my 24th P-day with my dolls. We had an awesome time!! Everything was beyond perfect and I received everything my heart desired!! Life is truly wonderful when you have Dependable, Positive, & Fabulous friends!! 🙂
♥ 24th P-day!! 🙂
♥ P-day cake #1
♥ It was delish!!! 🙂


♥ Gifts and a teary eye card from daddy! 🙂
♥ Me and my Glamorous glass of Mimosa!!
♥ Saints game + Appetizers = A great P-day!!
♥ Another teary eye card!! 🙂
♥ Yeeessss just want I wanted!! 🙂
♥ This card was made just for me…perfect! 🙂


♥ Delish…;)


♥ It’s MY P-day!!


♥ Cheers!!!! 🙂


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