5 Better Bra Tips!!

♥ Diversity: You need six styles in your bra wardrobe. Smooth, strapless, sporty, sexy, a T-back bra and a leisure bra-comfy and soft.

♥ Hit the Sweet Spot: Your nipple should line up halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. If it doesn’t you could be wearing the wrong bra.

♥ Do a Proper Try-On: For a perfect fit, put your bra on while bending forward so your breasts fall into the cups. Then fasten the back and adjust the shoulders.

♥ Bring a T-shirt: A great fitting bra will pass the T-shirt test. It should look smooth and invisible.

♥ Find Your Go-to Style: Wear your favorite bra to the store, show it to the expert and she’ll help you find a similar one.


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