My Life!! :)

Typical Day in the life of Paris…

♥ Glamour magazine. I love this magazine so much I now have a subscription.
♥ The Purpose Driven Life. Amazing read learning God’s purpose for your life.
♥ My Fashion Notebook. All my ideas on paper.
♥ Hollywood Intuition. Everything you need to know about Fashion.
♥ Women & Money. Equips women with financial knowledge.
♥ Until Today. Daily Devotion for spiritual growth and peace of mind.
♥ Planner. My bestfriend; I’ll be lost without her!
♥ Netbook. Perfect for carrying in my purse.
♥ Blackberry. Keeps me connected.

2 thoughts on “My Life!! :)”

  1. You are such an inspiration, i need to take more time out to focus on my vision to be in the fashion industry. Thank you for being open 🙂 It's showing me that i need to get my game up!

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