Beaches & Swimsuits!! :)

This summer I purchased all new swimsuits from Victoria Secret she had all the answers (as my friends and I would say). These pictures are captured in Destin & Miami, Florida. I had FUN in both cities and wish I could relive it all again! 😉 While swimsuit shopping I normally decide based on color, style, and fit. I love to play around with colors! Bright pinks, lime greens, and yellows are my favs. Since it’s the summer time your swimsuits should always reflect summer colors but you can never go wrong with the two classic colors, black and white. The style is also very important when deciding on swimsuits. I like both monokinis and bikinis but my preference would be a bikini, just because of the versatility with tops and bottoms. The fit is the most important one of them all, because without the right fit, well…you might as well stay in the hotel… While ordering online, I was afraid I would have to send them back because I thought the small (bottom) would be too small, but it worked out well! Summer is my favorite part of the season and I would hate to see her leave but until we meet again DEUCES HONEY! My winter plan is to hit the gym! (seriously). I wish I could say I workout often but I really don’t and I don’t watch what I eat. Bad I know but I’ll do better. Also, shout out to everyone who has complimented me on Facebook and Twitter about my swimsuit profile pic and how awesome my body is. You all are going to make me maintain and hit the gym hard! 😉
♥ Swimsuits-Victoria Secret, Black & White-Forever21!

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