Quote & Text From Chris! :)

If you know me, you know I lovvveee quotes! I have so many written in my journal and saved on my phone. I also purchased books with motivational, spiritual, and life changing quotes. My old roommate Chris in Minnesota sent this quote and message to me via text and while living in Minn, he made this motivational note for me and taped it to our front door to remind me where I’ll be. I still haven’t given up on moving there, and I believe one day, it will come true. I fell in ♥ with the whole message; it couldn’t have come at a better time…and I RECEIVE IT that one day I will!! 😉

Text from Chris:

Quote- Faith is asking yourself and believing the answer. Love it and I knew that you would love this one also. This is one of those quotes that as soon as I read it, I thought of you and pictured you saying in your reassuring and comforting voice to someone who was deaf before due to not listening but can now hear what your saying girl! Oh boy I feel like God is speaking to me to go out and spread this quote to whoever will listen and I honestly feel that somehow this quote is something God is using to spread hope through us. I can’t quite explain how I totally feel but a greater power is amongst us and Paris I don’t know how but I just know something big and insightful/religious/life-changing is going to happen to you. Jesus is going to take your soul and raise it up high for everyone to see and your pureness is going to shine in the darkest of people’s fears and doubts. I don’t know if this is real or if you believe me but that’s what I just felt. And I miss you! I may have just gone crazy for a moment there. Who knows? JESUS CHRIST DOES!!

Thank you Chris!!!

*Update: I did move to LA in 2016 and stayed there for 1 1/2. Write the vision and make it plain. Dreams are real. What you speak shall happen. What you put your faith in will happen, all you have to do is do the work and BELIEVE! 😉


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