Essential Piece To Classiness *Purse Valet*

Every girl should own one of these. It’s called a Purse Valet and it’s an essential piece to classiness ;-). I purchased this Purse Valet from Stein Mart and now I can’t go to Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner without ensuring I have it in my purse. Every waitress falls in love when I take it out and always inquire about where they can purchase one. It comes in all colors and styles. I’ve also seen some sold at Target for a much cheaper price than Stein Mart, but Stein Mart has the keychains as well as little pill cases to match your Purse Valet. Also, during a recent trip to Miami in the airport I went into one of the gift shops and purchased a few as souvenirs’ for my mother and cousins. If you don’t have a Purse Valet be sure to purchase before your next dinner date!
♥ Purse Valet-Stein Mart,

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