Confession!! My Obession! :)

I’m always getting compliments on how white and pretty my teeth are and replying, “Thanks, I use Crest White Strips.” Their reactions are always, “WOW, those things REALLY work.” Indeed they do. I’ve been using them for about five years now, not because I have to anymore, I’m just obsessed with the products and having a beautiful smile. I first started using the strips my freshman year in college. At that time I would wear them two times a day. In the shower, on the phone, and watching television doesn’t matter what I was doing I whitened my teeth at the same time. Nowadays, I wear them just in the shower and when I think about it, but not every night anymore. By me using them for so long and if I use them consecutive I notice my teeth would become really sensitive. So now it’s about three days a week and one time a day instead of seven days a week and two times a day. Also, I use the mouthwash and the toothpaste every day so both products suffice for the strips.
♥ All products sold at Wal-mart.


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