♥ Dresser Full of Accessories!!

Necklaces!! 🙂
Accessories are things girls should always keep a variety of. Recently, I’ve been shopping for new and different accessories. Things I can dress up or down. I found a lot at a store called Charming Charlie OMG! That place is like heaven on earth I promise. Every kind and color accessory is there…EVERY!! I went, fell in ♥, spent a lot of money *too embarrassed to say how much LOL* and left the happiest person on earth with a huge smile :-). Stein Mart is where I’ve purchased a majority of my sophisticated accessories. It’s my mom favorite store and we can’t walk out without a bag or two. When putting an ensemble together accessories are essential *my opinion* it can either make or break your outfit. Too much of one color is truly a NO, NO. Meaning if you wear red, you should never ever wear a red watch, necklace, earrings, and bracelet all at once. It’s just to “matchy, matchy” and nothing stands out. The only time you can get away with accessories that match is when wearing silver, gold, or pearls and with those, I prefer to add a little color!!
I’ve learned how to smart accessory shop *thanks to my mom* she has taught me to purchase something I can wear with many different outfits. Example: Necklace…I like to purchase bold necklace’s that are mainly silver, gold, and pearl. If I buy a silver long necklace with a lot of chains, I’ll also buy a silver short with a lot of chains, but I’ll ensure it has something on it that stands out like a pearl or a bow. That way if I see a silver long or short necklace I won’t purchase it because chances are I have something similar at home. I prefer to buy long and short necklaces because depending on what I’m wearing, I would have the correct accessory. However, I may have things the same color but one is definitely different from the other. Here are a few of my accessories I keep on my dresser!
Rings, Earrings, & Brooches!!!
♥ RINGS!!!
You can never have too many necklaces… 🙂


♥ My Brooches!!!
♥ Eiffel Tower’s…:)
♥ The life of a girly girl!! 🙂


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